Friday, March 30, 2012

It's all happening

After five weeks of intense flight attendant training, one week at home, and my first week of work, I have reached my first day off and am sitting in the tiny sitting area in my crash pad in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Wait what? I have a job? I have a freaking awesome job? During my first week, I went to Frankfurt, Germany and Bogotá Colombia? After job-searching for so long and just about giving up hope, this is just about unbelievable. But enough about me, lets get to the good stuff.

Unfortunately, it was Sunday when I made it to Frankfurt. This means absolutely nothing was open. We managed to find a restaurant open and I had an amazing piece of turkey schnitzel and potatoes, but that was about it. 

Even though it wasn't Sunday in Bogotá, some things were still closed. The other female flight attendant on my Bogotá flight and I were interested in touring the city a little bit and doing some site seeing. Another flight attendant told us about this awesome place called Mount Monserrate. It is an old cathedral on top of a mountain. This screams Jillian come see me and I was super excited about it. Unfortunately, the cable car type thing that takes you up and down the mountain closed at 12:30pm. Now, I was up and ready by 9:30, so it would not have been an issue for me, but the girl I was with was not ready to go until 1:30. Oh well, its on the list for next time and I will not wait around for anybody haha. 

We did make it to one of the city's big attractions, The Museo del Oro (Gold Museum). The museum takes you on a journey beginning with the first South American native tribes to use metallurgy up to the conquering of the region by Spain. The processes of making the gold pieces were all illustrated and explained and actual gold pieces were displayed for each tribe and method. It was really interesting to read and see the examples of different methods of forming the gold and the meanings behind the shapes and figures. It was also pointed out that although some tribes used more technologically advanced methods, it was not necessarily because they were smarter than the others. Each tribe had a specific way of forming the gold that they used to define themselves, not because they didn't know how to use the other methods but because they preferred their own way. This was proven when archaeologists found pieces from different tribes that mixed the gold making methods.

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  1. Miss your smiling face around here Jillian! Loved the blog -thanks for sharing the adventurers.